Growth in silence – Contemplative tradition

I am currently undertaking a course called Foundation in Christian Ministry. Today (26th Oct) was the second study day held at the Belmont Chapel in Exeter.

We started to explore a number of fascinating aspects of lay deciplship, bible study, spirituality and pastoral care. This is a year long course designed to help me explore my own calling and my journey in faith.

Today we looked at the contemplative tradition of the church, what is this I hear you say. This is based on the desert fathers seeking a more prayer filled life – God in silence. Silence is a thing a lot of us are not used to or comfortable in.

So we asked ourselves, do we avoid silence? Is there much silence in church? And are there times of quiet in our diary.

Personally quiet times are hard for me and I am even listening to music as I think and type this! I dont feel I allow myself time in the day to be quiet with God and my thoughts. On Sundays I allow myself the time in a service but then its in a very structured way. I found the session really helpful to consider making a time each day where I am more mindful probably for me in the morning when I take the dogs out.

So I have tasked myself between this and next months session to ensure each day I have a meaningful time of silence and try to build it up in length.

I would invite you to look at your day and see if you can find a time to sit and be quiet with your thoughts. If you open your mind and your heart you never knows what you may hear.

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