24 Hours 4 CHAT


As with a lot of people it came to the New Year and I wanted to make a New Years resolution, what should it be less chocolate, fewer late nights, more exercise …………………?

My News Resolution was to try to help the local community while doing something I love; running!!

I am looking to raise £1,000 for CHAT this year by undertaking a number of running challenges. I decided to raise money for CHAT (Churches Housing Action Team) a local charity that helps some of the most vulnerable people in our community. The charity helps people in many ways from tenant support, who help keep people in their homes and stop them from becoming homeless so stopping the problems before it starts. There is a debt team that helps support people who struggle with personal finances; again an area that in this modern age some people really are not skilled at and need help to prevent issues spiralling out of control. Also they run the food bank from the new hub building in Tiverton, which receives and distributes food from local people, you may have even seen the deposit boxes in Tesco’s and Morrisons in Tiverton. There continues to be a real need for this service, but this is not just a handout, CHAT ensures that as well as food the individuals are listened too to see what has lead them to needing the food and so can point people in the right direction for the help they need to secure a better future.

This year I will be running a number of running events for CHAT culminating in my first ever attempt at a 24 hour race, the Hope24 (www.hope24.team-hope.co.uk) . In this event I will be looking to complete as many laps of a 5 mile loop as I can in 24 hours. I have set myself a minimum goal of 100km this would be currently twice the distance of my previous longest run and so will be the toughest mental ordeal I have ever undertaken. On my road to this I will be running the South Devon Marathon on the 3rd February, the Exmoor Marathon on the 7th April, a very hilly 50K in the Brecon Beacons on the 5th May and then the Hope24 on the 16th June. If you can spare anything for this great cause please donate what you can when you can, I have set up a local giving page (www.localgiving.org/fundraising/24hr4chat) or if you would rather you can just donate by giving the money to me when you see me (Probably out running with the dogs!!)

I will let you all know how the training and fundraising is going and thanks in advance.

Matt Melksham


Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.- Robert Collier


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