Plans for 2018

It is that time again when we start looking forward to the hope filled time of Easter and the journey through Lent. This is a time for reflection in the church and for looking at the year ahead.

We are fast approaching the AGM for the PCC and so its time to update the electoral role and pick people to fulfill the main roles for another year. It is with a sad heart that we will say goodbye to Mary Vearncombe who will be standing down as Church Warden after a collective span with her late husband of more than 30 years. To celebrate this we will be holding a songs of praise service which everyone is welcome.

This is a major change for us, as well as this our Rector will be retiring sometime in the next year and so we will be without an incumbent for a period. We are very blessed to have Rev Thom Thompson who will continue to look after our sacramental services but in the future things may need to change in the mission community.

These changes do mean that we have to plan for the future, what will the church and services look like we don’t know at this time but we know if we have faith in God that we will be shown the way.

I wish everyone a blessed lent and a Happy Easter to come.



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